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Facts You Know about Garage Door Motor Installation
A normal garage door has an electric door opener that can be used with a remote control or a switch. It has a motor attached on the wall with chains that would control the door itself.
While most companies that do garage door motor installation have varieties of garage door styles and materials including tilt up doors, aluminum doors and roll up doors, there are three main types of garage door openers; namely, Belt Drive Opener Type, Chain Drive Opener Type, and Screw Driver Opener Type. These three door openers have their own benefits.
Here are some of the benefits of each opener type:

Belt Drive Openers
These openers for garage door motor installation are the quietest whenever it opens or closes the garage doors. Some customers prefer these garage door openers so they can sneak in their car late at night without disturbing their neighbors. Not to mention they reduce the vibration too so it’s not too shaky. However, it requires bigger investments plus the parts are very expensive.

Chain Drive Openers
Chain Drive openers are the cheapest types of openers in the industry for garage door motor installation yet they can be very dependable. Some customers may not like the noise though but there should be no problems if they will only use the garage doors during the day.

Screw Drive Openers
Most people choose Screw Drive openers because they are fairly quiet and they can require low maintenance. It has plastic lined tracks that reduces the noise but it can have fewer moving parts that may somewhat limit the movements when opening and closing the door.
There were some reviews that even homeowners can install these door openers on their own and so far no known accidents were reported. Garage door motor installation is still highly recommended for those who don’t want to bargain their money and safety.
Moreover, most garage door specialists are insured and well-skilled so customers can leave every installations, repairs and replacements to them. Garage door repair companies are usually open 24/7 and they can be reached via phone, chat or through their contact form from their website. They also provide warranties for at least ninety days up to twelve months while they give huge discounts for new and existing customers.
Many reviews regarding garage door installation include fast response and free quotes. Customers were expecting that no one will answer the phones before business hours but to their surprise, someone went to their home 2 hours later after they talked to one of the folks from the company. They offer highly competitive prices on all their services including mailbox door installation, spring repair, installation and replacement and so much more. They also have spare parts you can buy at discounted prices.
You can rely on trusted garage door repair companies with garage door motor installation that have been around for several years. They have good reputation and friendly customer service. Give them a call now and schedule an appointment for free inspections and estimates! an appointment for free inspections and estimates!